Monday, November 10, 2014

Work Smarter Not Harder

Let me show you how I will turn you into a fat burning machine in no time. I'm confident that with patience, determination and consistency we can accomplish your personal goals together. Transitioning to living a healthy lifestyle is not a sprint it's marathon. The reason why is because I want to work with you to not only achieve a quick fix but better yet a permanent change.

In the diagram above is a picture on the upper left corner of your abs. Believe it or not each and every one of us already has a six pack. However, in between every binge every now and then we build this little kangaroo pouch of excess fat. How we will get rid of this has a lot to do with my last article on, "How to Burn Calories at Rest." If you haven't read it yet go back and read it to understand this article more in depth. If you already have read it then let's move forward.

When I was talking about adding 10 pounds of lean muscle proportionally throughout your body those 10 pounds are essential because they will allow us to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Before you know it we can achieve a more defined, toned and aesthetic abdominal together.

On the diagram to the upper right corner you can see a diagram of a circle I wrote this circle is a symbol of what I have found most new member when entering the gym. They are lost and do now know where to even begin so they find themselves jumping from one machine to another. Unfortunately circuit training does not work and I will explain why in the next diagram.

Let me ask you a question, when you are working out do you think that you are building or breaking muscle? Unfortunately, we are breaking muscle and in order to build muscle we must first replenish and restore that muscle so that we can build muscle. We need two essential components and they are protein and rest. With rest we can allow our bodies to restore itself so that we will not plateau and eventually adapt and we must consume protein after working out to replenish our bodies.

My last diagram on the bottom is the exercise plan I recommend for more efficient results I call this working smarter not harder. We have week one on the left side and week two on the right side. During the first week on Monday we will only focus on our abs, on Wednesday will focus on legs and Friday on arms. After going over the significance of rest and protein on my last diagram how long do you think you should wait until we work on our abs again? We should wait until the following Monday to go hard again on our abs because if you worked our smarter and not harder the previous Monday than your abs should have been sore for a couple of days if i'm not mistaken.

On the diagram to the right is 6 things we must always be constantly changing. The first one is weight because do you think you should lift a 5 pound dumb bell for 6 months? Absolutely not, because if you do what will happen is you will get upset why you have not seen the results you wanted and the reason for this is because you adapted and already plateaued. That being said, for the first couple of weeks you may do this however I recommend to gradually be increasing a couple pounds don't be afraid of the free weights at the gym they are your friends. Remember that those extra pounds will add lean muscle to your body and will allow you burn calories at rest so that you can eat the foods you like in moderation and not feel guilty about it. Next me must be increasing the reps the times you lift the 5 pound dumb bell and of course the sets. The more weight the less reps, the less weight the more reps is something I like to go by when I do strength training. We must also be changing our tempo as well as the R.O.M, (Range of Motion). Last but not least, your trainer the reason why I recommend trying a new trainer is because everybody has a different way of teaching. For example, did we have the same teacher all throughout school growing up? No, we didn't and the reason for this is because every individual whether it's your coach, mentor or teacher has a different technique of teaching and a different strategy that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you're doing all the right things by; eating the right serving portions, eating every 3 hours whether you're hungry or not, resting, staying hydrated, exercising on the daily basis, adding lean muscle and doing cardio i'm confident that you will be successful. Keep in mind don't be alarmed if you start gaining weight remember that muscle will make you heavier but in a good way. Do you think that muscle or fat way the same? I love asking this question to all my clients because they all answer the same, fat. However, it's a trick question they both weigh the same however muscle is more dense than fat. Therefore, the scale might be telling you one thing but the circumference of your waist is all of a sudden exponentially smaller and your belt is looser too!