Monday, October 27, 2014

My Experience at VannEdge

Who is Marco Pina?
"Hairstylist Guru & Father of Two"

Meeting Marco Pina

From the moment I walked into the salon I got greeted by the receptionist who offered me some tea and asked to hang my coat on the coat rack. Marco my hairstylist then greeted me and asked me what exactly I had put my hair through and what I was hoping to get out of our consultation today.

After my consultation and showing Marco a picture of what I would like to do with my hair that day I was then escorted to change into a black robe and sat down back at my chair while Marco went to prepare the colors for my hair and offered me a mimosa while I wait.

Not to mention, I wasn't feeling too well that day I had a horrible headache but I didn't want to miss it for the world my appointment with Marco because I had heard wonders about him, so it was worth it! I had originally heard about him when I walked into Aveda at Pacific Place when in search of one of their products I had tried at my brother's girlfriend's house, "Be Curly", by Aveda and I feel in love!

Sydney had given me a consultation and some demonstrations on some products when I had gone to purchase, "Be Curly", by Aveda. She was absolutely wonderful because she wasn't sales pushy and seemed to genuinely care about finding a solution to repair my damaged hair after color treatment. Sydney made some calls and did everything she could to find a day that worked best with my work schedule and when Marco was available.

When Marco was done parting my hair and putting my new color in he than escorted me to the back of the salon where it was very peaceful and I sat down on these comfy couches and got my feet massaged. What more could I possibly ask for after having such a horrible migraine? The customer service at VannEdge was off the roof! Marco even offered to run to the store to buy me coconut water, a banana and an egg salad sandwich because I had not ate yet that morning and I was not feeling well.

One my hair was done soaking up my new color and I finished eating my food and hydrating myself with my coconut water. Marco then came and got me to get started on styling my hair. He blow dried my hair first which was really nice before cutting my hair so that he would be very precise when taking off length and dead ends because I had mentioned to him I wanted to grow my hair out. He was very accommodating and thoughtful in regards to what I wanted done with my hair.

Marco taught me how to properly blow dry my hair and picked out the products he recommended for my hair. He not only demonstrated on my hair the products but he also explained to me how to use each product one by one and how to apply it to my hair and when exactly. Shortly after came the receptionist to follow up with Marco when the next time he would like to follow up with me and he grabbed a basket and got all the products ready that Marco had picked out for me to purchase.

While Marco was finishing styling my hair I noticed the receptionist customizing a plate for me. He then approached us and handed Marco the finishing touch to my transformation. Marco applied on my face very gently a lip stick color customized to my skin color and some bronzer to top it off. VannEdge hands down had superb customer service and exceeded all of my expectations and I highly reccomend this salon to everyone!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

I remember vividly new years of 2011 when I found myself sprinting away on the treadmill my parents had just bought me. I told myself if I can run on the treadmill until the clock hits midnight I have no doubt that I will have a productive year ahead. I think we can all agree we have told ourselves countless times, ”I will start doing this and that next year”, and we continue to set ourselves up for failure. However, that year I decided to take a different turn in my life. Instead of writing down the goals I would like to accomplish for the new year I started just doing it so that it becomes a habit, and not just a week commitment where you take a 180 turn and turn your life around a whole different direction. It’s all about balance, gradually making things a habit and consistency.

I have been very athletic my whole life and I have tried just about every sport out there, and I have failed many times. However i’m glad I failed multiple times in my life trying everything I did because I wouldn’t be the person I am today without experiencing failure and looking back and regretting what I didn’t try. 

As a child, being the only girl and having two older brothers I was used to them always being better than me at every sport, it was like a competition. I tried soccer and I loved it because I got to travel and I made a lot of friends but I wasn’t the best soccer player. Better yet, I hardly knew the rules and was benched most of the time and was only used when someone got hurt or if someone needed a break. I also tried gymnastics for a couple days and I found out I wasn’t so flexible after all. Following gymnastics, I decided to try out for the basketball team in middle school, and I didn’t make the cut. Since soccer, gymnastics and basketball were no longer an option anymore I decided to try volleyball in middle school, and I finally was good at something after all. I enjoyed playing volleyball and I was a strong server and I loved the sport. However, I wasn’t such a good team player and that didn’t work out either. Sooner than later, I realized I needed to try a sport where I only competed against myself and that’s when I decided to listen to my father who always told me to go back to do what I do best, swimming. 

Sooner than later, I joined the swim team at my high school and I loved it! There was nothing that could compare to it and my parents were very happy to see me swim and they took the time to take me to practice everyday for the school team for two hours and then another two hours for my club team. That year was a good year because if it wasn’t for swimming I don’t know what I would have done for stress management. Nothing could compare to it. As soon as I put my swim cap on and tightened my goggles and glided through the water sprinting away nothing else mattered and it was just me and the water. 3,500 yards into the practice I was pretty burnt out but there was nothing better than having my parents there for me supporting my passion and desires. 

The year I decided to join the swim team was the year my life started turning in a whole new direction, and that was Freshmen year of 2009 when my grades started improving. I joined the debate team, asb, honors society, leo club and leadership. I wanted to spread my wings and be a part of everything. However, there is a lesson learned from this; sometimes we tend to push ourselves too hard that we end up setting ourselves up for failure. It’s better to be the best at one or two things than being just one more addition to a club or society. Similar, to what happened with myself in high school when I couldn’t get over the fact that I got held back in Kindergarten because my mom didn’t have the best guidance and allowed the school to hold me back, and repeat Kindergarden again! For twelve years I could not let that grudge go for my mom's decision to waste a year of my life that I could have been moving forward. What I didn’t realize though is for holding that grudge for so long I only slowed myself down more than I could have ever imagined. Instead of enjoying the life I had been granted with the people I had grown up with I couldn’t get over the fact I got held back so the only thing I focused on is trying too hard to grow up. Nonetheless, I found myself living a life full of agony, anger and I became a very unthankful human being. If only I had accepted the fact that I got held back and it was over and done with I would have made unanimous strides.

Sometimes we just have to focus on the now and put the past behind. Have a positive out look on life and be grateful for what we have because the things we have today were once among the things we only hoped for, and let God guide us in the right direction. Each and everyone of us has a direction and a purpose in this life. Only through our failures can we grow as a person, find our true passion and live a prosperous life.

There are many things I have quit in my life and different turns I have taken that probably weren’t the best turns to take. I have also been thrown bricks from above and when it rained it poured in my life! However, I could’t be anymore thankful for those experiences and obstacles because I am certain that God has a path for each and everyone of us. Things do happen for a reason, as cliche as it sounds but this is very true and I finally found my true passion after all. My experiences have shaped the person I am today and I will continue to pass my experiences on to those who need it the most and help them find their true passion as well. There is nothing more rewarding than motivating people to look for the best in themselves and look at life from a positive perspective. I love my life and I can honestly say I am living the dream; not necessarily the dream of having a corporate job, jet, yaht and a luxury car but the feeling that I have walking into work everyday and watching everyone work on improving themselves is much more rewarding than any materialist thing I could possibly ask for. Everyday I am thankful for not taking my life for granted and no longer living a pessimistic life full of negative thoughts. This is something I want to reflect on others to do the same so that they can see what the difference is of living a life full of satisfaction, gratitude and positivity. Last but not least, needing nothing more than the stability of being happy in our own body and owning who we are and embracing our selves everyday with the traits God gave us. After all it’s okay to be weird... I am and I embrace it everyday of my life :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Get Started as a Brand Ambassador

I decided to start video blogging and as I promised most of you who are just getting into the marketing industry. Here are some helpful tips for those of you just getting started :)

In this video you will find tips on; filing taxes, getting paid, applying for jobs, where to look for jobs, what agencies to work for, the benefits of working promos and much more!

I hope this is of great value to you and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment on my blog below. I will be making more video blogs so let me know if there is anything you would like me to target on my next video blog as well. Enjoy my friends!

Take a look at this video on, "How To Get Started As a Brand Ambassador."